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Broken hammer drill rod fracture is often encountered when we use the product. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the material quality is not up to standard, there are bad points inside the material, and there are impurities in the material. How should we deal with these problems? The following Yantai crushing hammer manufacturers tell you how to solve the problem of drill rod fracture.
The fracture of drill rod is not only related to the material of drill rod, but also related to the erosion of mine water, heat treatment process and drilling operation technology. During rock drilling, the drill rod is subjected to repeated impact and torsion of about 2000 times per minute, and there are alternating compressive stress, tensile stress, bending stress and shear stress inside the drill rod.
When these stresses reach or exceed the fatigue limit of the drill steel, fine cracks (fatigue cracks) will appear in the drill steel. With the gradual expansion of these cracks, the effective cross-sectional area of the drill rod decreases correspondingly. When the cross-section can no longer bear the impact load or some accidental external load, brittle failure and fatigue fracture occur. Yantai crushing hammer manufacturers remind you that the corrosion of mine water and underground moist air will accelerate the growth of fatigue cracks in drill steel.
In the process of forging and heat treatment of drill tail, shoulder and tip, if the temperature is not well controlled and the process is not reasonable, thermal stress and small cracks will be produced in the rod. Therefore, Yantai crushing hammer manufacturers remind you that users in the use of drill rods, once the product is found to fracture, it is necessary to take the above-mentioned methods to solve, so as to reduce the loss.